5 Steps How to Open a Sewer & Drain Cleaning Business

Opening_sewer_cleaning business

5 Steps How to Open a Sewer & Drain Cleaning Business

One of the best ways to thrive in any business is by setting yourself apart from the competition. Sewer business is no different. Knowing how to begin which include the various requirements to get the job done is also important.


The sewer cleaning business ( ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ )is one of the businesses that have higher chances of succeeding since most people don’t like cleaning their sewers and drains. This creates a void that cleaning contractors have to fill. Since you’ll be dealing with toilets and sinks as a sewer and drain cleaner, you need the following requirements.


  1. Professional experience is necessary especially if you want to start your own company. Even if you don’t get professional training, working with an established company to gain experience is advisable. This will give you the skills to maintain sewers and drains more efficiently.
  2. Another requirement is licensing. You need to get licensed as a contractor in order to operate smoothly. This can be easily done at the municipals office. You also need to get insurance cover as well as bonding. These can both be done by a good financial institution.
  3. Getting the right equipment is also necessary. For starters, you’ll need cables, cleaning machines, safety gadgets, and a camera system. This means that you have to set aside enough money for such equipment before venturing into the business.
  4. Always know your skill limits. If you think you can’t handle a job, call a professional plumber you know to help you out. This will help your relationship with your clients.
  5. Being ready to go when called upon is also necessary. As a drain and sewer cleaner, you may be needed any time including night hours. Having a team that’s available 24 hours is therefore important.

Opening_sewer_cleaning business


Coming up with a business plan

Creating a sewer and drain cleaning business plan is essential in setting up the company. One of the ways to come up with a business plan easily, is keeping it simple and looking at the crucial aspects only.

Know your competition

Knowing your competition will help you determine how they operate and in the process allow you to discover their strengths and weaknesses. This will, in turn, put you in a better position to create strategies that help you overcome them.

Keep open minded

This will allow you to learn from others in a similar business sector. Look for sewer and drain cleaning businesses that are well established and aren’t in the same area as you. Finding such a business that’s ready to share their experience and successful tips may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Opening_sewer_cleaning business


Consider buying instead of starting

While starting up may seem like the best move, buying is usually a better option in most cases. With a business that’s already operational, you can determine their success rate and the amount of money they make periodically. Such businesses no longer have “trial and error” phase which means they have a higher chance of being more successful.

Consider Franchising

Franchising has been known to reap more benefits than individual ownership. This may not always be the case but it’s an option worth considering. Look into the possibility of franchising before making a decision.

Opening_sewer_cleaning business


With these tips, starting your sewer and drain cleaning business shouldn’t be very difficult. With the will to learn and get the job done, you can be running your own business in no time.

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Post Author: Hunter Pena