9 ways Apple’s credit card could disrupt everything


Apple is expected to introduce a credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs. How could it make this card a must-have item for its premium customers?

How Apple can thrive

While the attention is focused on Apple’s surprise product release salvo and its forthcoming video streaming services launch on March 25, there are also claims the company will introduce its own credit card with Goldman Sachs, whose CEO, David Solomon, is expected to attend the Apple launch event.

This is a natural next move in Apple’s strategy to transform the smartphone into a wallet, but with razor-thin margins and economic instability to contend with, how can Apple and its partner craft success within this ultra-competitive market?

I’ve sat down and had a little think, and wanted to offer a few little ideas:

We all want cashback

Early reports already claim the card will provide up to 2 percent cashback. Perhaps this percentage will be a little higher when purchasing an Apple product using the card.

Credit card protection

Signing up for an online shop you only plan to use once?

The service could provide you with a temporary credit card number supported by your ‘real’ Apple card that will only work once for one payment. If your card details get hacked, the number won’t work. Revolut already offers this.

Service as a service

A credit card that gives you all the music and streaming video (including the Wall Street Journal) you’ll ever need for a discounted monthly fee for six months when you join?


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Post Author: Hunter Pena