Cisco Webex gets AI updates to simplify meetings


Cisco is talking up new artificial intelligence (AI) features designed to streamline Webex meetings. The updates unveiled last week bolster the company’s voice-activated Webex Assistant and a service that collates publicly available data to brief users ahead of a meeting. 

During a keynote at the Enterprise Connect industry conference, Amy Chang, Cisco’s vice president in charge of collaboration, said the AI-driven features add “intelligence and context” to Webex.

“This technology is going to fundamentally change how we are able to deliver massively personalized experiences and transform how we work,” said Chang. 

Chang joined Cisco last year following the acquisition of the business intelligence startup she founded, Accompany, for $270 million. 

Accompany’s data analytics technology is behind one of the new features. People Insights creates profiles of individuals and organizations to help prepare for meetings without scouring the web for information. It involves pulling in relevant information such as a person’s recently published work or a company’s stock price to present within Webex. The information is refreshed automatically, keeping profiles up to date. 

There are currently profiles on 250 million people, as well as 20 million companies.

Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, called the features “very useful” for enterprise customers. “People Insights can help workers prepare for meetings much faster as it gives them some context as to who they are talking to,” he said. 

“Businesses are trying to deliver more personalized experiences…. This lets business professionals accomplish that without having to spend hours and hours doing Google searches and searching other sources of information.”


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Post Author: Hunter Pena