How to Make the Best Italian Margarita You’ve Ever Tasted


There are three things I know for: my love of Pete Wentz (and Fall Out Boy), all things aqua, and all the margaritas! The Italian margarita came to be when I was craving the same drink I had once been served at a restaurant but didn’t feel like taking the 90-minute drive to get one. So what is a margarita girl to do in a predicament like that, come up with her own! 

After a trip to the store and playing the bartender in my kitchen, I finally found the perfect recipe for the best Italian margarita.


The Shabby Creek Cottage TV

  • 1oz tequila
  • 1/2oz Amaretto
  • 6oz margarita mix


  • Pour over ice and mix
  • *to make a frozen margarita add the mixture and ice to a blender. Blend and pour into your glass.

Why refrigerate margarita mix

Margaritas are a juice-based formula and should always be refrigerated for health-based reasons. If you don’t refrigerate your Italian margarita it will eventually ferment and then you will have Italian margarita beer. lol.

Why are margarita glasses shaped like that

Because it looks like an upside-down sombrero!! Just kidding. Truthfully, I don’t know but one of the most popular legends is that it came from a restaurant in Los Angeles. After ordering new champagne glasses, these oddly shaped glasses arrived instead. Legend says that one of the bartenders suggested using it for margaritas because it looked larger and would then probably fetch a higher price.

How to make an Italian margarita

How to Make the Best Italian Margarita You've Ever Tasted

Italian Margarita


  • 1
  • 1/2
  • 6
    Margarita mix


  1. Pour ingredients into a glass of ice and mix.

Make it frozen

  1. Add ingredients to the blender and blend until ice is smooth.

  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy.


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