The 4 Most Common Plumbing Problems

From time to time, you will experience plumbing problems in your place. The pipes that connect water and heating systems throughout your home are prone to degradation, clogging, and other malfunctions. If a problem occurs suddenly, you cannot ignore it since it can be very detrimental. It’s one of those things that needs to be solved immediately.

With the number of problems that may occur in your plumbing system, it is always advisable to seek professional help. DIY plumbing without proper knowledge could worsen the situation more than it was earlier. Instead, you must rely on professional plumbing services due to the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience they acquire.

Below are common plumbing problems that need immediate attention:

Dripping Faucets

Faucets are mainly caused by tear and wear, and a small leak can quickly become a big problem. Whether you wash your hands, fill a pot with water or wash your dishes, homeowners rely on the faucets in many ways. This daily use as it is for many home appliances will ultimately cause damage in your faucet.

It is common for your faucet to spring out a leak which forces you to come into terms with the annoyance of the leaking faucet. This can be an indication you need to replace it with a new one. An experienced plumber can help you solve the faucet problem once and for all.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes in your home are a nightmare. The main causes of leaks in the pipes are due to sudden pressure to the pipe, loosening of any joints or sudden pressure by the water itself. While leaking pipes do not appear to be a major threat, they result in water wastage which is reflective in your water bills.

If you detect a leak, you must first close the main valve. Turning off the water valve will stop the water flow. This will give you time to relax and think about how to overcome this situation. You can easily repair it yourself at home. In fact, it is best to fix the problem as quickly as possible before the leak grows and causes irreparable damage to your home.



Running Toilets

Running toilets is also a major problem for homeowners for a variety of reasons and could be as harmful as a pipe burst or clogged drain line. Leakage in toilets is one of the most common types of leaks in homes, four times more than a normal water leak and 25 times more than a shower leak.

Surprisingly, a running toilet is not a very big plumbing issue since the issue could due to a defective tank flapper or it could be the flotation mechanism in the tank. You need professional help for this one, as you may need to replace the entire system to completely eliminate the plumbing problem.

Clogged Drains

Everyone has experienced clogged drains from time to time, and although it is possible to repair minor clogs yourself, it is usually best to consult a specialist. Hair is one of the causes of clogged drains that usually occur in your bathroom. As soon as it takes effect, the water does not run off at all.

Grease is another common cause of clogged drains. The problem with grease is that it is in liquid form initially, but solidifies when it cools down. A simple remedy is to pour hot water into the system severally since it liquefies the grease and hopefully reduces the chances of a clog.

You can also perform preventive maintenance by pouring a cup of baking soda into your drains each month, followed by a cup of white vinegar they help to get rid of particles formed inside the pipes.

There are other more problems that may affect your plumbing system. It is always advisable to get help from a professional plumber who can help you eliminate the problem completely.

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