What Do 9 Fashion Bloggers Wear at Work!

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What Do 9 Fashion Bloggers Wear at Work!


Do you think there are bloggers that appeal to your business fashion sense? Read the following article and learn how fashion bloggers dress at work!


The Dilemma


It’s very hard to spot any office-worthy attire on the catwalk, let alone an affordable one. None-the-less we do love the designers behind these numbers, and dream of somehow making them fit into our work environment. Where will our help come from? Wonder no more; the following is a compilation of the best fashion bloggers that show you how to rock these model looks from behind your cubicle.


1.Saucy Glossie: A-simple-Bargainer


Saucy Glossie is an inspiration to every girl that loves their dress. If you have seen the ad campaign for TJ Maxx then you’ll recognize her as Lindsey Calla, the girl that speaks for everyday girls and loves to do bargain shopping.


She usually features pieces selected from discount stores on Saucy Glossie. Her pieces are generally appropriate for wearing to corporate and business casual settings as well as for an after work office event.


2.The Pink Peonies: Girls-that-love-being-girly


For the best business women fashion that speaks to the girl in you- glitter, pink that kind of thing- yet very appropriate for the work environment look no further than Rach. The icing on the cake is that she wears brands that most of us can easily afford and locate think- Gap, Tory Burch, and Banana Republic.


All the pieces that she dons look very professional, which is what you want to portray. Should there be a day when you feel like indulging your bow, gingham, and everything pretty in pink craving, pay blog, The Pink Peonies, a visit.


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3.Atlantic- Pacific: Bring on-the-Glamor


Blair blogs about business women fashion like no one other. She showcases outfits that are suitable for any corporate setting, yet femininely glamorous. Her classy yet timeless looks bring back memories of Audrey Hepburn and First Lady – Jackie O Kennedy.


What’s more is that you can wear them to your high profile meetings as well as for daily work at the office. On top of the ready to wear lovely work outfits such as the purses, ladylike attires and low heels, Blair loves to spice things up by going around town in faux fur and pretty hair up-dos. If you are looking to add a touch of glamour to that seemingly dull outfit, Atlantic- Pacific is a click away.


4.Viva fashion: Look-like-a-Celebrity-without-Trying-Hard


Carmen Ordonez helps women to wear celebrity styles in the simplest of ways including at the workplace. Her attires are business casual and appropriate for any corporate setting. She will help you to replicate a Pippa Middleton kind of look without breaking the bank.


Due to the pocket friendly nature of the pieces she dons, you too can buy the exact same pieces at the much less expensive stores such as Kohl’s. You can also follow her for her reviews of Zara and Target’s latest looks saving you the time and energy to search for them all by yourself.


5.This Time Tomorrow: Everyday-Wear-To-Work


Through her blog This Time Tomorrow, Krystal displays some creative attire that her followers and all of us can wear daily to work. Most of her pieces are very work appropriate even for startups and casual business settings.


She loves to wear pant suits along with separates and stilettos that you can incorporate for your business meeting. Krystal loves to stir things up by coming up with unique and innovative ways to wear her pieces such as in her blog post how to wear a cardigan backwards.


6.Girl with Curves: For-the-Voluptuous-Chic


Empowering the curvy girl to embrace fashion has seen Tanesha featured in Time Square on a billboard. She has certainly used her voice to impact business women fashion in ways that not many would have imagined. The industry that had for a long time forgotten that curvy girls needed to be thought of as well has been hit in face!


For a long time curvaceous girls were left out of place as trends came and went simply because they were told that fitting and bold print clothes were not for them. In come Tanesha- the girl on fire! Tanesha goes to full lengths to show you how to look corporate and stylish with pieces that are bold as well as fitting.


Better still, she gives her followers and the rest of us tips on beauty and Do It Yourself (DIY) instructions for a wardrobe that’s functional in very easy steps.


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7.Gal Meets Glam: The-Usual-Office-Girl


If living thriftily is cool for you, you should be following Gal Meets Glam. Julia takes very inexpensive items and creates a masterpiece of them. You will certainly love her if you love to shop at stores that are not expensive like H&M.


She adds a touch of colour to a seemingly simple attire, and kills it! She loves to wear nude Oxfords as well as clean lines, and throws in some colourblocking- keeping it chic yet simple. Follow her for your next inspiration.


8.9 to 5 Chic: Look-Classy


In no way would this list be complete without a mention of Anh. She has redefined board room chic in the blogging world. For your next power lunch or board meeting, check her out for some inspiration. She coordinates her outfits so well you want to pull them off of her!


She makes a trench coat look very easy to style, and incorporate in your everyday attire especially when you see her an effortless combination of sophisticated drapers such as cosy sweaters and trench coats on other pieces- freely giving you ideas for your next office outfit especially in the work place where an ordinary blouse just will not do.


If you love power blazers and/or shoes checkout her blog. The items she showcases are a bit pricey for most people, however, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself once in a while.




You now do not have an excuse to show up to work like you have just rolled out of bed. You have every right to copy and paste these bloggers’ outfits- piece for piece and item for item. Plus, as they usually say dress for success and success will come knocking at your door!



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Post Author: Hunter Pena